Yes. Our ordering and insurance solutions are cloud-based and have been since 2001.
The first step is to schedule a one-on-one consultation with our team. Click here to request a demo and consultation.
No. There is a monthly fee for Uprise, but there's no hardware to buy or maintain, so it's much more affordable and doesn't have the high upfront costs that other solutions have.
Client-server solutions require you to install and maintain servers where the software will be installed for your use. That means you have to purchase the server hardware, and ensure that you have the infrastructure in place to maintain it. Cloud-based solutions are available via an internet browser where you simply log in to use the solution. With a cloud-based solution, you don't have to purchase or support server hardware, and you have the freedom to choose which hardware devices you want to use!
Yes. Our technical and product support is US based.


Updates are seamless since Uprise is a cloud-based product. Updates to the system are performed outside of normal business hours, so you access the latest version every time you log in. We take care of all the updates so you don't have to worry about them.
No. Updates are made automatically for users and there is no charge. It is easy for us to adapt to all upcoming changes in reporting, coding, and governmental requirements.
The exam record is designed to have the look and feel of a paper record, and it's based on the doctor's workflow - starting from the chief complaint through to the assessment and plan based on Medical Documentation Guidelines. You can customize what you do and don't see on the exam record, either during the Exam Type setup, or even on the fly in the middle of the encounter with the patient. The patient dashboard can also be customized by adding and moving available portlets.
Yes. You may change the Exam Type at any point during the exam and all relevant data is retained.
Yes. Uprise offers multiple methods of viewing historical patient data and also offers the capability to see them in graphs for comparisons.
Yes. You can send the CCD directly from the patient's exam under the Orders section. (NOTE: To send a CCD to another provider, you and the provider you are sending the CCD to must have a Direct Address, which is an e-mail address registered with a Health Information Systems Program (HISP); it allows a health care provider to securely send health information to another provider.)
Yes. Once the CCD is generated, the patient will be able to access their CCD via their own secure Patient Portal account. They can then print the file, upload it to a USB, or download a PDF or XML of the file and send to another provider if they need to.
Yes. If the receiving practice management system is a complete certified system or at least has been certified for transitions of care 170.314(b)(1).
The system does come with templates for follow up-letters, and yes, you can customize them.
No. Frames Data is embedded in Uprise, so you don't need a separate account, or to log into Frames Data directly, to access this information. You'll have access to more than 40,000 frame listings from 160 manufacturers that are included in the Frames Data catalog, including frame information and up-to-date wholesale pricing. You will also be able to set retail pricing based on wholesale rates. Our team will help you with all of this during the implementation process.
Our team will help you with this during implementation. All you need to do is provide us with the forms in PDF format. You also have the option of having online intake forms in your office.
Diagnosis codes in Uprise are mapped to educational materials (videos and documents) from Rendia. Based on this, the system will recommend material for your patients, using your selections during exam annotation. You can then share this information via the Patient Portal, or by emailing it directly to your patients.
No. Uprise comes with the ophthalmic lens, contact lens, and frame information from the VisionWeb catalogs, so there is no need to hand-enter all SKUs. That doesn't mean that there is a generic or universal catalog, but it does mean that during set up you simply download the information for the brands and products you sell, and they populate into your system. You don't have to enter them manually during set-up or when working with products in the system.
Yes. You are able to import data directly from VisionWeb's database of ophthalmic lenses, standard contact lenses, frames, suppliers, and insurance carriers. All you need to do is import the data you need. VisionWeb has been working with labs since 2001 to make sure that our users have access to accurate catalogs when they order. We are excited to be able to bring the strengths of our VisionWeb solutions to Uprise.
Yes. We have a sophisticated, seamless integration with the Surescript network by NewCrop for E-Prescribing.
Uprise should work with most dictation software. However, this compatibility will vary by platform and devices so you will need to test this or discuss with a sales representative for complete accuracy.
We have embedded solutions in the system that are powered by third-parties. However, this does not require you to have any third-party agreements or put in the extra work to manage integrations with value-adding services from third parties. These functionalities are part of the system as you purchase it so you get the benefits and none of the hassles. Our embedded solutions include:
  • Patient Education: Give patients access to educational materials about their assessments using Rendia.
  • Code Verification: Navigate complex insurance and Medicare rules and regulations and incompatible CPT code pairs that are performed on the same day of service with CodeSAFE® from CodeSAFEPLUS®.
  • Frame Catalogs: Import data, such as pricing information, to your catalogs during setup using Frames Data, instead of entering it manually. You don't need a subscription and you don't even have to load a CD. It's already there.
  • Patient Recall: Send automated text and email reminders and patient recalls using patient engagement tools from 4PatientCare.
  • E-Prescribing: Access up-to-date patient medications lists and send error-free prescriptions to more than 60,000 pharmacies nationwide electronically through the Surescript network by NewCrop.
  • VitalHealth Software: Our state of the art EHR solution was developed in partnership with VitalHealth Software to meet the specialized needs of ODs. VitalHealth Software was founded in 2006 by Mayo Clinic and the Noaber Foundation to develop a game-changing, cloud-based eHealth application platform, with an emphasis on collaborative solutions for managing chronic diseases, online interventions and outcome monitoring, and next generation cloud-based EHRs for specialty care.
Uprise is connected with over 2,000 commercial and government medical payers, and a handful of vision payers. You can see all connected payers here.
No. There is an additional fee for this service, however it is based on your claim filing needs and is affordable for any practice.
Pricing is tier-based and varies based upon a set number of transactions for you to use each month. It is also per location, not per provider.
You get a certain number of transactions for a set price. A "transaction" is an eligibility and authorization check and a claim submission.
No. There are no additional enrollment fees for Uprise Claims Management.
No. Your agreement will be month-to-month, just like Uprise. That means you have the freedom to cancel at any time.
No. An added benefit of using Uprise Claims Management is that you will have the ability to retrieve patient eligibility and benefits electronically, provided the insurance payers offer this information electronically.
Yes. Uprise Claims Management will give you access to real-time information for benefits (eligibility and authorization) and claim status check (the stage the claim is in the adjudication process). However, it's contingent on whether the insurance payer participates in electronic data interchange (EDI) and the level of information they provide. Each transaction counts against your monthly volume.
It depends. Uprise utilizes electronic remittance advice (ERA). With ERAs, remittance information gets electronically delivered to Uprise. All you have to do then is double check your payments in the ERA and post. However, if your payer doesn't provide an ERA, you will have to post information from the paper EOB manually, as with any other system.
Yes. The insurance plans are populated and maintained within the Uprise system using VisionWeb services. We are working on an industry-first way to handle insurance plans by maintaining the plan details in the cloud with constant updates, so you don't have to.
Uprise can connect with any instrument that has a data output mechanism. We are currently working on specific diagnostic and refractive equipment integration with Marco and Carl Zeiss Meditec. We plan to continually add more equipment.
You can use any scanner that creates a PDF file and is TWAIN-compatible. See this and other equipment compatibility information here: https://www.startyouruprise.com/equipment


Yes. The system meets all privacy and security requirements. Additionally, all VisionWeb employees are required to undergo HIPAA training.
Uprise has met all requirements for 2014 certification, meaning that it can be used for attestation for both Stages 1 and 2. Users that have already attested for Stage 1 will be able to pick up with Stage 2. If you haven't attested for Stage 1, you can start with Stage 1 attestation in 2014 and go from there.
A Stage 1 certified EHR can only be used to attest Stage 1. However, a Stage 2 certified EHR can be used to attest for both Stage 1 and 2 of Meaningful Use. EHRs certified before 2014 can only be used to attest for Stage 1. More info here.
Eligible Clinicians that are subject to MIPS need to submit a minimum amount of data to avoid a negative payment adjustment for care provided to Medicare patients for the year. Not participating could result in a 4% negative payment for 2019, up to 9% in 2022. For 2017, clinicians have several options for reporting: Test Participation, Partial Participation, and Full Participation.

To avoid a penalty, clinicians must at minimum attest to the ‘Test Participation’, which is submitting one quality measure, one improvement activity, or the required Advancing Care Information (ACI) measures. For 2018 and beyond, there is a full year of reporting for 2 of the performance categories (Quality and Cost).
No. The EHR Incentive Program requires that you complete it in sequence, starting with Stage 1.
Yes. If you decide to switch EHR systems during the program year, the data collected for the selected menu objectives and quality measures should be combined from both EHR systems for attestation.

If the menu objectives and/or clinical quality measures used are also being changed when switching systems, the menu objectives and/or quality measures collected from the EHR system that was used for the majority of the program year should be reported.
Absolutely not. But if you don't have a certified system, you won't be able to participate in ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations) or PCMH (Patient Centered Medical Homes).


It's totally up to you! All you need is the ability to access an internet browser. Since Uprise is cloud-based, there is no hardware to buy or support. You can choose to use PC, Mac, or even a tablet for the EHR.
We recommend Windows 7 or above for Windows users and OS x 10.8 Mountain Lion for Mac users. Google Chrome is the supported browser for both Windows and Mac. You can find these and other requirements for Uprise here: https://www.startyouruprise.com/requirements
We recommend an Internet download speed of at least 20 megabits (Mbps) per second for up to 5 users, but more is always better.

When contacting your internet provider, please confirm that they are giving you internet speeds in terms of megabits per second, not bytes. (NOTE: You can test your internet speed yourself for free here.)

  • Mbps refers to megabits per second.
  • MBps refers to megabytes per second.
  • KBps refers to kilobytes per second.

Example: 12 Mbps is equal to 1.5MBps or 1500 KBps. 8 Mbps is equal to 1MBps or 1000 KBps.

We recommend backing up your network with an inexpensive router and 4G cellular connection. It's a small but critical investment to ensure your practice stays online even if the Internet goes down.
Uprise is a cloud-based application, and as long as your internet speed meets the minimum internet speed requirements, you will be able to use it. Refer to the Internet requirements above. Or, you could use 4G as an alternative.


Yes. Uprise is available to users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - except during periods of scheduled maintenance. Scheduled maintenance will be done in the evenings so that there is minimal interruption or downtime for our users. Additionally, we provide users with advanced notice for scheduled maintenance via email.
Yes. Uprise provides administration the ability to control user access to different levels of information. For example, your practice may decide not to allow certain staff to have access to billing. You have the option to build your own profiles to your specifications.
Uprise only hosts your practice data; your data is yours.
The data that is stored with the hosting provider is encrypted and is not in a readable/usable format.
Yes. We have a solution to help you with converting the core data for your practice. It varies by system and office set up, and can vary if you want to convert more advanced data. We should schedule a one-on-one demo to get the details of your needs, so that our conversion specialists can give you the most accurate picture of what data conversion would entail for your practice. Learn more about Data Migration here: https://www.startyouruprise.com/data-migration
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