Coding right the first time ensures that you get paid on time and don’t expose yourself to audit risk. But it can be hard to keep up with all the coding rules and regulations. That’s why Uprise provides real-time CPT and ICD code verification, powered by CodeSAFE®.

Uprise CPT and ICD Code Verification


Have the comfort and peace of mind knowing that your coding is accurate and compliant. Uprise allows you to spend less time figuring out coding and compliance regulations and more time providing patient care.


Navigate complex insurance and Medicare rules and get access to zip code specific CPT rules and regulations in real time, as well as covered CPT-ICD 9 and ICD 10 combinations. Uprise checks for CPT coding conflicts and compliance adherence, specifically CPT status, CPT-CPT validation, and CPT-ICD validation.


You get alerts for anything that requires attention prior to submitting claims to the insurance payer, such as incompatible CPT code combinations for services performed on the same day or procedure and diagnosis conflicts. If coding guidelines do not allow coverage for two particular procedures scheduled to be performed on the same day, or if a CPT and ICD combination are not allowed in your zip code, a notification appears next to the procedure.

cpt codes in uprise
codesafe integrated with uprise

Our code verification process leaves a notification next to the procedure that requires attention (left). A green checkmark means that the procedure is billable, a yellow exclamation mark suggests possible scheduling conflicts that need to be addressed before being billable, and a red X indicates that the procedure cannot be billed in combination with another scheduled procedure today. Simply reschedule an order or procedure (right) to rectify all scheduling conflicts.

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