optometry office workflow

Most practice management and EHR solutions weren't designed together, resulting in clunky interfaces and disjointed workflows. Uprise was built as one cohesive system.

Uprise EHR Workflow
It's Flexible & Intuitive

We don't force you into a workflow that doesn't make sense for your practice. Instead, you get a system that is flexible for the way you work. You have the ability to configure many aspects of Uprise to meet your own preferences, such as building your own exam templates.

You can also access the same information from different places within the software. For example, you can view a patient's benefits in the scheduler or from the patient profile. This way, you can get what you need without disrupting your office workflow or bouncing around the system when you need information.

Everything works together beautifully – the practice management system, the EHR, and most importantly, your practice.

You decide your workflow and Uprise moves you through scheduling, diagnosis, coding, and billing in fewer clicks.

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