Our training program makes sure that everyone in your practice becomes an Uprise expert.

Uprise Training Programs

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Software and process changes can make a practice panic. We get that, and we want to help you navigate the change to Uprise as smoothly as possible. We ask all of our users to designate someone in their practice to be the Uprise Champion and together we work with the Champion to get everyone properly trained on the system.

Training for Uprise is done through our Learning Center, but we don't just give you access to the system and send you on your way. Our team is personally committed to seeing you through the training process. Best of all, Uprise training comes included.


The Uprise Learning Center is a training platform that consists of a variety of tools that teach you and your staff how to use the system. Whether you are a visual or hands-on-learner, you'll be able to find training materials that are suitable for your learning preference. Since the Learning Center is available online, you and your staff can train from home or in the office.

Each structured course includes presentations and instructional videos that explain different features in Uprise. You'll have to complete the courses in the sequence set by your Uprise trainer before being able to start the next one.

Geared towards hands-on learners, our exercises give you step-by-step instructions on how to complete routine tasks, such as starting a refractive exam, so you can practice on your Uprise training system.

Test your knowledge of the system based on the courses and exercises you've completed. You can take the quiz as many times as you like to ensure that you are familiar with all the features you'll need to use in your practice.

Through the reporting tool in the Learning Center, you can collect and analyze your team's training activities. Track your staff's progress, completion rates, and quiz scores to make sure everyone is on pace with their training.


For our current Uprise customers, use the login info given to you during implementation to set up and access your Learning Center account. Each staff member will have a different login.

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