Optional integrations

Every practice is different. What one practice needs, another might not. That’s why we’re growing our list of optional integrations with Uprise to help your practice build the perfect software solution.

Optional Integrations

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Glimpse Dashboards safely interact with the owner’s practice management system to instantly track total business performance while quickly identifying missed revenue opportunities and trends compared to live industry benchmarks.

Glimpse provides dashboards to measure staff performance, increase staff performance through metric gaming, and set/track key practice goals

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Clover is a compact countertop point-of-sale system that will take care of your practice’s payment processing needs. The system will help you process fast, secure, and reliable transactions with your patients. On top of the basic point-of-sale features, Clover is connected to an app market that lets you pick and choose the additional tools that could benefit your practice.

To learn more about Clover visit www.clover.com

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