Experience a different kind of practice management and EHR implementation.

One of the most common concerns when getting a new practice management and EHR software is how much disruption it's going to bring. That's why we've worked hard to make sure you have a partner in implementation. And we're not just talking about getting the software set up – we're talking about the whole process.

We approach implementation as a joint effort between your practice and our team.

uprise implementation team


You will have a dedicated Customer Success Manager who is there with you every step of the way. They will work with your Uprise Champions to understand your practice's needs and develop your implementation plan. We'll help you customize all the aspects of your system, like product catalogs, staff roles, system preferences, embedded tool settings, data migrations – you name it.

Your Customer Success Manager also connects your office with our Training Team so that training happens in tandem with implementation. That way, when your system is ready, your staff will be ready too.


We'll ask you to select a staff member in your practice to designate as the "Uprise Champion". Their role is to act as the leader for your staff, and to help set up and customize Uprise to suit your needs.

Uprise Champions are typically Owners, Optometrists, and Office Managers, but they can be anyone that you believe has the appropriate knowledge of your practice's needs and the ability to stand out as a leader for the rest of your team.

uprise champion

There are a lot of moving parts during practice management and EHR implementation, and a lot to get done in a short amount of time. Working this way ensures that your team doesn't have to go it alone, or go through multiple channels to get support during the implementation process.

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