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Because We Believe Simple is Better

Practice management and EHR software doesn't have to be complicated in order to be powerful. And, you shouldn't have to settle for bulky and expensive solutions for your independent eyecare practice. That's what we believe, and that's why we set out to change the face of practice management and EHR software. We started with a grand vision, mixed in the latest technological innovations, and thought a lot about the way optometric practices work. The result is a cloud-based practice management and EHR solution that is like nothing you've seen before.

mobile ehr

Beautiful Design

User Friendly Interface. The interface is clean and simple. We've packed it with features that make it easier to use.

Any Device. Anywhere. Uprise works on your tablet, computer, and laptop. All you need is an Internet browser. You choose the device.

Better Data Presentation. From office managers to doctors, we give you information you care about in a format that is easy to analyze.

practice management workflow

Smart Workflow

Fewer Clicks. The intuitive workflow guides you through scheduling, diagnosis, treatment, coding, and billing in fewer clicks.

Clinical Decision Support. Make an single entry during annotation and the EHR does the rest. Uprise automatically populates data based on best practices.

VisionWeb at Its Best. VisionWeb is built into the system for an ordering and claim filing experience you won't find anywhere else.

fast ehr installation

Faster "Go-Live"

Simple Setup. There's no hardware to buy or install, it's more affordable, and it requires less training than other systems.

Embedded Tools. Uprise comes with a set of embedded tools so you won’t have to deal with integrations. And it has preloaded product catalogs so you simply import information at setup instead of entering it manually.

Support You Can Count On. You get fast, one-on-one support to help you through the implementation process.

Beautiful Design

Software Features

manage patient profiles


View a complete, data-rich profile for every patient. Here you can manage patient information, review patient timelines, and stay organized. Learn More.

electronic health record software


Eliminate paper charts once and for all with electronic records and medical data! Our EHR piece has a beautifully designed interface for easy use and a smart workflow to ensure that each patient visit moves along smoothly. Learn More.

optical inventory ordering and management


Managing orders and products can be a heavy task, but we have created a system to help with everything product related from working with suppliers to tracking orders in real time. Learn More.

practice management reports


Generate interactive reports to help you better understand your optometric practice. Operational, financial, auditing, and analysis reports help identify issues such as billing errors and unusual billing patterns. Learn More.

patient scheduling software


Our scheduler allows you to customize your calendar, access it from anywhere, and schedule efficiently. You also have multiple view options when viewing patient details with insurance eligibility included in the calendar. Learn More.

point of sale optical check out


Our checkout helps manage all of your orders and payments. We make it easy to handle processing your quotes, working with invoices, recording payments, and improving aging accuracy and reducing write-offs. Learn More.

electronic claim filing

Claim Filing

Our claim filing includes automated code verification, and submits and tracks claims electronically. It’s easy to manage claims, post EOBs and ERAs, and view claim summaries – all with the click of a mouse! Learn More.

patient portal for optometrists

Patient Portal

Communicate securely with your patients through our patient portal. Here your patients can fill out questionnaires, access medical history, and more. Learn More.

Smart Workflow

Flexible. We don't force you into a workflow that doesn't make sense for your practice. Instead, we give you a system that is based on the way you work. You have the ability to configure many aspects of the system to meet your own preferences.

Clinical Decision Support. Make a single entry during annotation and the system does the rest. Uprise automatically populates diagnosis, treatment, orders, special testing, and patient education, all based on best practices.

Fewer Clicks. Gone are the days of a tool that requires countless clicks and is slower than paper processes. We eliminated the need to click through multiple pages to get a simple job done and equipped the system with functionality that does more of the work for you.

Customizable Exam Types. You are not restricted to an exam template. Uprise allows you to change exam types if you realize that a different type of exam is required than what was scheduled. No need to close your work and start a new exam; simply change it by choosing the relevant test components and all data will be retained.

Embedded Tools

So, what's the difference between integrated and embedded features? Integrating software means dealing with additional fees and working with third party vendors. If CD installations and the risk of incompatibility don't sound like fun, having embedded tools in your system is the way to go!

Uprise comes with the following tools already embedded at no extra cost. You get the benefit of working with a variety of proven features, but all in one tool seamlessly.

Optometry Frame Catalogs

Frame Catalogs

Import frame information from Frames Data to your catalogs during setup, instead of entering it manually. Find out more about Frame Catalogs.

Optometry Patient Recall

Patient Recall

Send automated email and text reminders to your patients for reminders, recalls, and pre-appointments with 4PatientCare. Find out more about Patient Recall.

Optometry ePrescribing


Send error-free prescriptions to more than 60,000 pharmacies nationwide electronically through the Surescript network by NewCrop. Find out more about E-Prescribing.

Optometry Patient Education

Patient Education

Send your patients educational materials about their assessments from ECHO Basic by Eyemaginations straight from the EHR. Find out more about Patient Education.

Optometry Code Verification

Code Verification

CodeSAFE® alerts you when there are incompatible CPT code combinations for services performed on the same day or if a CPT and ICD combination is not allowed. Find out more about Code Verification.

Frames Data 4PatientCare NewCropRX Eyemaginations ReimbursementPLUS

Experience the Cloud Difference

Constant updates, server maintenance, IT costs, and hardware expenses are just a few of the headaches you deal with when you use a client-server practice management and EHR software. We don't like headaches! That’s why we're getting rid of them by taking practice management and EHR to the cloud.

Uprise is built on a true SaaS (Software as a Service) model, which means that it is truly cloud-based, not just cloud-hosted. All you need to access the system is an Internet browser. You don't have to pay large upfront fees for servers, software, and updates. Just purchase a subscription that meets your needs and increase as you grow.

Cloud-Based (Uprise) Cloud-Hosted Client-Server
No Hardware to Purchase
No Annual Contract
Multi Device
Automatic Updates
Minimal Setup

Safeguarding Your Information

cloud security

VisionWeb has been providing secure, online solutions to the eyecare industry for over 12 years, and we've never had a breach in security. In fact, over 17,000 ECPs rely on us for online ordering and claim filing in their practice. We know what it takes to bring efficiency to a practice. But most importantly, we understand that security is a top priority. Protecting your practice and patient information is of the utmost importance to us. Always has been, always will be.

Uprise is designed to keep your data safe and secure on the Web. We use 128-bit encryption, separate databases for each user, secure data centers with a number of physical controls to prevent unauthorized access, and a number of other measures to ensure privacy and security at all times. You can also rest assured that the system will be automatically updated with the latest security and bug fixes. We are 100% HIPAA compliant and meet government security standards for data transmission and storage. It's a level of security that you don't get with a client-server solution.

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